Sharp spikes of a teasel contrasted with the soft spiral of a thin dried leaf.
Art Deco reflections of the Gresham Hotel on a highly shined table.
A strip of gnarled, twisted twigs and branches, backlit by the bright sun.
Moss coloured timber slats and beams of a bridge spanning the Jubilee River.
The slope of sunset colours striped over a cold, softly rippling winter sea.
Sunset Slope
An unusual light sculpture at the annual night garden in Kew Gardens
A n intricate metal wire sculpture on top of the Dancing House in Prague.
The Ribbon Dance
An abstract, and slightly surreal close up of one of my artistic lampshades!
Light patterns and texture playing on the underneath of the A4 Motorway.
Under the Motorway
Light and shadow patterns playing on both the water and the underside of the M4
Vanishing Point
Winter tree reflections in the gently rippling water of the Thames River.
Water Smoke
The electric retro colours of the travellator leading from the Atomium.
Looking down from a colourful cliff and the coastline of Big Sur below.
For Higher
A hole filled leaf in the botanical greenhouse in Balboa Park, San Diego. Swiss cheese holes, plant veins and chlorophyll - not a cheese I would like to eat!
Not so Swiss Cheese
Autumn reflections along the Thames between Maidenhead and Cookham.
Enchanted moonlight, twisted trees and leaves reflecting in a dark puddle
Inviting turquoise green water, clear, clean and cool, the ultimate swim!
The never ending spirals of railings and steps on a tall tower staircase.
Red Tape
The green spiked leaves of a desert living plant at the Marina Bay Gardens.
Finger Tips
The shadow reflections of the large trees surrounding Lake Bled in Slovenia.
Umbra Tree

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