One of the light show patterns at Kew Gardens during their festival of light.
A never ending beautifully cobbled street in a sidestreet in Lille, France.
Cobbled Together
A field of ears of corn, stretches for miles along the River by Bourne End.
Corn Rows
A set of rocky steps cut into the landscape in Cornwall, near Tintagel Castle.
Cornwall Steps
A serene and peaceful view of the shoreline from the island of Crete.
A  large heron shaped metal weather vane in Laguna Beach, California.
A double exposed view through the safety glass from the Top of The Rock in New York.
Double Skyline
An iconic piece of modern  Architecture by the river in Dublin, Ireland.
Dublin Barrel
An iconic piece of modern  Architecture by the river in Dublin, Ireland.
Dublin Bridge
The urban, industrial sprawl of the outskirts of Helsinki in Norway.
A rain soaked, misty, atmospherically reflective Times Square in New York.
Electric Rain
A dragon guarded entrance to an apartment/ office block in central Riga.
Enter the Dragon
An atmospheric shot of the night time trees, softened by the moon.
A self portrait, bizarrely taken in the mirrored surface of a sculptural snail in a park in Riga, Latvia.
An abstract, and slightly surreal close up of one of my artistic lampshades!
My favourite lampshade again! This time with the lights turned off.
Architectural details on the outside of one of the more majestic buildings in Bruges, Belgium.
Hide from the King
Urban tightropes endlessly criss-crossing above a street in Lille.
Looking down the lift shaft, waiting for the vessel to take me back to Earth.
A boat, moored in Newtown on the Isle of Wight, and possibly belonging to Doctor Who!
The Doctor
An atmospheric shot of Eilean Donan Castle in the Scottish Highlands.
The remnants of one of the old gate entrances to Old Town Talinn, late one sunny winters evening.
Long Shadows
The lustre of a shiny Scottish Loch, shimmering on an Easter Weekend.
Window details and shadows in the Sagrada Familia by Gaudi, in Barcelona.
Made Flowers
Mayan details on the steps of Chichen Itza, or one of the surrounding buildings.
Mayan Hill

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