A tree lined avenue beside the canal leading from Bruges to Damme.
Mono Tree Avenue
The early moon casting it's soft glow on the shimmering sea below.
What thin leaved plants look like when Jack Frost has really gone to town!
Cactus Frost
Palm trees coming together to form a heart over Laguna Beach, California.
I Heart Laguna
What looks like a tiny, snow covered tree, black against the white ice.
In Miniature
Long grasses bordering the edge of the Jubilee River in between Windsor and Maidenhead. Like the perfect elevation for the start of a wallpaper pattern.
Natures Wallpaper
Beautiful steps in New York's Central Park, leading you to different levels and different paths. Steps to one side, arches to another, crowned with a shiny ceramic ceiling.
New York Steps
Soft white rose petals, delicately balanced on warm dusty water, filling an oak aged barrel in one of the wine vineyards of Napa Valley in California.
Oak Aged
Half of one of the ironworked Bridges across the Tyne in Newcastle.
Other Half
Decorative iron gates on a disused, empty building in Waikiki, Hawaii.
Pearly Gates
A large pelican swooping over Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, California.
Pelican Crossing
Rustically hewn  timber beams and shingles on an historic Latvian barn.
A deeply recessed, crumbling arrow slit window in some Monastery ruins.
Looking into the dark folds and depths of a fully in bloom rose - petals protecting the inner sanctum.
Light percolating through a moroccan inspired lamp, dancing patterns across the floor.
A rugged, craggy rock formation, sharp lined and intricately detailed.
Wispy clouds and a hazy sun setting over Laguna Beach in California.
The soft, still silence of a peacefully serene Scottish Highland Loch.
What looks like a tiny, snow covered tree, black against the white ice.
Art Deco reflections of the Gresham Hotel on a highly shined table.
The never ending stairway to heaven - a path of sharp light contrasts.
Stairway to Heaven
Jack Frost has got his hands on these thin leaves and turned them into icicle trees.
String Theory
Timber railings and edges of a bridge spanning the Jubilee River.
A small bird on a grassy look-out post watching for friends, foes, and dinner.
The Bird
Waves crashing against the rocky shore and causing mini waterfalls off the rocks.
The Drop Zone

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