Waves crashing against the rocky shore and causing mini waterfalls off the rocks.
The Drop Zone
An upright of the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance behind a lush green plant.
This Twig
Looking out to the sea from Heisler Park on top of the coast of Laguna Beach.
Three Horizons
The last red flowers holding onto the final days of warmth and sun.
A dried plant at the bottom of Glen Canyon, on the Colorado River, USA
A beautiful reflection on the Colorado River at the bottom of Glen Canyon.
A watery sandy beach at sunset, shimmering like pure liquid gold.
Crashing waves hitting a rocky beach and sneezing out some sea spray.
A sunshine's rainbow aura burning through a rain dappled forest in California.
That perfect moment when the sunlight streams through the misty trees.
The spectacular stone face of Half Dome in Yosemite in the setting sun.
Peach Half Dome
The cold, snowy, distant mountains viewed from the Travertine Hot Springs.
The recognisable Half Dome of Yosemite Park as viewed from the Tioga Pass.
The bright sun, just arisen over Yosemite as viewed from Glacier Point.
Black Star
The blue mountains of Yosemite National Park, as viewed from Glacier Point.
Blue Frosting
The early morning sunrise over Lake Tahoe one freezing morning in September
Rustic stone arches, blue misty mountains, fir trees and sunshine.
Golden sunlight reflections on the shore and the the water of Lake Tahoe.
Fools Gold
A misty view of Half Dome as viewed from the stunningly scenic Glacier Point
Glacier Point
Early morning sunrise silhouetting the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe.
Glowing Home
The bright sun star over the snowy mountains in the distance and a road trip
Northern Star
Canoeing to a tiny island in Lake Tahoe, where an old tea room once stood.
Picture Perfect
Pillowed rocks in the foreground, Half Dome and Yosemite in the distance.
The beautifully surreal falling rainbow at Yosemite falls early one morning.
Rainbow Falls
The early rising sun, bursting over the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe.

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