I am more of a painter than a photographer - you can check out my art page here. I think I am greedy having a painting website and a photography one but I think they work together quite well.


I travel a lot and I am not a fan of sketching, so what better way to instantly capture and remember your inspiration than with a photograph? If I manage to line it up well enough, or I am in the the right place at the right time to see something spectacular then who am I to complain?


I have set up this website to showcase some of my photographs and to enable me to share them with you. I get enthusiastic when I take a shot that I think is good and I want to share it with everyone! So please, take as long as you like and have a browse.


If you see something you like, then mission accomplished. If you want to buy a print, then even better. I also offer a bespoke service where you can email me for a quote for a specific sized piece of work, a commission, or a different printing material. I will do my best to meet your needs!


I am very happy that you have taken the time to check out my site, so thank you! To me, art is about portraying  something different, broadening your horizons, elliciting an emotion and making you look at things with an alternate perspective.


So please, a big warm welcome to my photography website, and a glimpse at the world through my eyes.


Laura Hol