Szchenyi Lanchid (Chain Bridge) in Budapest, one of 7 bridges spanning the River Danube. Linked with the Marlow Suspension Bridge.
On the long climb up to the refuge in preparation for climbing Mount Toubkal.
Atlas Mountains
High up in the mountain peaks of the Atlas Mountains, just above the Berber village of Tacheddirt.
Higher than Air
Steam evaporating form the Giant Sequoia National Park forest floor.
The Forest Floor
Steam evaporating form the Giant Sequoia National Park forest floor.
An elegant, soft, velveteen white rose at the Marina Bay Gardens, Singapore
A view out from one of the pods on the Singapore Flyer overlooking the City.
Singapore Flyer
The Civilian War Memorial commemorating civilian WWII deaths, Singapore.
Civilian War Memorial
The charred remains of a hollowed Redwood trees bark after a forest fire.
The bright sun, just arisen over Yosemite as viewed from Glacier Point.
Black Star
The highly decorative entrance doors to one of the rooms of Wat Chalong.
The Entrance
The intricate detailing of the roof terrace railing at Wat Chalong Temple..
The detailed, twisting staircase inside the Wat Chalong Temple, Phuket.
Lilies taken in one of the glasshouses in the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
A highly textured perfect  leaf pulling through among the jostling others.
Leaf Palm
The interior of one of the houses in the Bodie Historic Park, Ghost Town.
The giant Buddha in Phuket, a peaceful, calming and serene countenance.
Big Buddha
That perfect moment when the sunlight streams through the misty trees.
A  decorative, mock iron, Victorianesque Lampost in the streets of Lille.
An open flower in San Diego, in the world famous Gaslight District.
An internal view of the Budapest Parliament building, from the staircase.
Architectural Wave
A dynamic, rain soaked, atmospherically reflected Times Square in March.
Bank of America
A bubbling torrent of a stream in Glen Afric in the Scottish Highlands.
Black and Water
A frost encrusted plant proudly standing before a large tree silhouette in the distance.
Black or White
A view of Schloss Drachenburg, also known as Dragon Castle in Bonn, Germany.
Bon Bonn

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