An open flower in San Diego, in the world famous Gaslight District.
The bark of a Giant Redwood in the Sequoia National Park, California.
Broken Engagements
A spectacular sunset on the beach in Laguna, California, with a crescent moon just visible.
A  large heron shaped metal weather vane in Laguna Beach, California.
A close up of a sunbathing lizard, usually they are running super fast!
Eddie Izzard
Sunlight dappled leaves in the Botantical gardens of San Diego's Balboa Park.
Dynamic red leaves against a sunny sky in California
A surfer in Laguna Beach, California, looking out to sea, trying to spot the next wave to catch.
Long fingers of large leaves interlocking to form a shade from the sun.
Silvery light, shimmering off the coast of Big Sur in California, you can almost smell the warm sea.
Cling Film
Looking down from a colourful cliff and the coastline of Big Sur below.
For Higher
Walking through the Redwoods in Sequoia National Park on a cold sunny day.
Forest Gump
Palm trees coming together to form a heart over Laguna Beach, California.
I Heart Laguna
On the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, in neither one place, or the other.
A hole filled leaf in the botanical greenhouse in Balboa Park, San Diego. Swiss cheese holes, plant veins and chlorophyll - not a cheese I would like to eat!
Not so Swiss Cheese
A view from the winding and tight steps on the side of Moro Rock in California.
A large pelican swooping over Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, California.
Pelican Crossing
A rich, peacefully golden sunset on Laguna Beach in Southern California.
Pinhole Camera
Low tide and low evening sun, colouring the rocks and sand of Laguna Beach
Low tide and low evening sun, colouring the rocks and sand of Laguna Beach
The distant skyline of San Francisco, shrouded in an unearthly mist.
San Fran
The warm, sea mist shrouded coast of Big Sur, along the edge of California.
Sea Breeze
Wispy clouds and a hazy sun setting over Laguna Beach in California.
Wine tasting at the Silverado Vineyard in Napa Valley. My favourite!
Sunlight piercing the gap between two trees at the Sequoia National Park

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