A deeply recessed, crumbling arrow slit window in some Monastery ruins.
Icicles crowning fragile green leaves, touched by Jack Frosts icy fingers.
Light percolating through a moroccan inspired lamp, dancing patterns across the floor.
A rugged, craggy rock formation, sharp lined and intricately detailed.
Wispy clouds and a hazy sun setting over Laguna Beach in California.
Art Deco reflections of the Gresham Hotel on a highly shined table.
Moss coloured timber slats and beams of a bridge spanning the Jubilee River.
The tunnel and steps up through one of the linking arms of the Atomium in Brussels.
The Final Frontier
Light and shadow patterns playing on both the water and the underside of the M4
Vanishing Point
A metal fence, bordering the neighbouring field, that has seen better days.
Where the Wild Things Are
A frost covered, wintry field of teasels, just outside Maidenhead.
White Fur
An historic window in the ruins of a beautifully textured monastery wall.
Window II
The soft, sunlit interior of the beautiful Aya Sofia Mosque in Istanbul.
Aya Sofia
An abstract, and slightly surreal close up of one of my artistic lampshades!
Fixed Flames
A dynamic, rain soaked, atmospherically reflected Times Square in March.
Bank of America
A field of ears of corn, stretches for miles along the River by Bourne End.
Corn Rows
A dew soaked tree in the Highlands of Scotland sparkling in the light.
An old fashioned light on a beautifully weathered and textured old wall in Talinn.
Light reflecting through a wine glass in Napa Valley, onto a white table.
Glass Rainbow
Golden ears of corn ready to be harvested in a field in Taplow, near Maidenhead, Berkshire.
Golden Ears
Teasels glistening with light halos in the sunshine in Maidenhead.
Heaven and Earth looking like one and the same - a perfect reflection.
Heaven and Earth
Long fingers of large leaves interlocking to form a shade from the sun.
Waiting for a tram at the station, coming from the light to the underground.
It's Coming
An abstract, and slightly surreal close up of one of my artistic lampshades!
Lava Lampshade

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