A new fern, unfurling in Spring. Taken in the Lost Gardens of Heligan on a camping trip to Cornwall.
Alien Fern
A slice of Autumn, taken on a walk along the Thames in Maidenhead.
Autumnal Slice
Auxins are the plant hormone that makes it strive onwards and keep growing.
A burst of bright berry red colour on a cold and frosty Maidenhead morning.
A dried plant at the bottom of Glen Canyon, on the Colorado River, USA
The start of spring, when the first blossoms of the year are reaching for the newly blue sky.
Cotton Buds
A weathered piece of tree found on Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight.
Sunlight dappled leaves in the Botantical gardens of San Diego's Balboa Park.
Dynamic red leaves against a sunny sky in California
Golden ears of corn ready to be harvested in a field in Taplow, near Maidenhead, Berkshire.
Golden Ears
Teasels glistening with light halos in the sunshine in Maidenhead.
Long fingers of large leaves interlocking to form a shade from the sun.
A never ending field of lovage, stretching as far as the eye can see.
A vibrant explosion of pure colour to celebrate the coming of Autumn.
Autumnal FIreworks
A frost encrusted plant proudly standing before a large tree silhouette in the distance.
Black or White
What thin leaved plants look like when Jack Frost has really gone to town!
Cactus Frost
If nature did chewing gum, it would probably look a little bit like this.
Chewing Gum
What looks like a tiny, snow covered tree, black against the white ice.
In Miniature
If Jackson Pollock did landscapes, I expect they would look a little something like this. Splashes of colour, lines of twigs, shafts of light and a mass of confusion.
Natural Pollock
Long grasses bordering the edge of the Jubilee River in between Windsor and Maidenhead. Like the perfect elevation for the start of a wallpaper pattern.
Natures Wallpaper
A new tree pushing through the bark encrusted floor by the waters edge. Leaves and fish in the rippling pond water, a warm sun on the ground of the Botanical Gardens in Lille.
A hole filled leaf in the botanical greenhouse in Balboa Park, San Diego. Swiss cheese holes, plant veins and chlorophyll - not a cheese I would like to eat!
Not so Swiss Cheese
Reeds silhouetted against a pink lake, reflecting the late evening setting sun.
Pink Lemonade
Icicles crowning fragile green leaves, touched by Jack Frosts icy fingers.
New Spring growth, as the first shoots start to appear with the morning sun.
Salt and Pepper

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