A beautifully clear reflective lake just outside the city of  Riga in Latvia
Enchanted moonlight, twisted trees and leaves reflecting in a dark puddle
Some of the billboards on Times Squares reflecting in the Red Steps of the TKTS office.
Premium Vodka
Shadow symmetry from the metal railings bordering the edge of the lake at Hampton Court.
Railing II
Shadow symmetry from the metal railings bordering the edge of the lake.
Railing I
Art Deco reflections of the Gresham Hotel on a highly shined table.
The never ending stairway to heaven - a path of sharp light contrasts.
Stairway to Heaven
A surreal depiction of a starry sky over the Jubilee River in Maidenhead
Perfect reflections of Glen Canyon in the waters of the Colorado River
Still Waters
Boundary posts sunk into the Marshes of Newtown on the Isle of Wight.
Unattainable Goal
Winter tree reflections in the gently rippling water of the Thames River.
Water Smoke
Soft blue reflections of  a tower block in the adjacent glass high rise office.
Watercolour Windows
A washed out, eerily ghost-like atmosphere outside the Armadillo in Glasgow.
Soft Ghosts
A dynamic, rain soaked, atmospherically reflected Times Square in March.
Bank of America
Colourful autumn reflections on the Thames in Maidenhead, in a world upside down.
A beautiful reflection on the Colorado River at the bottom of Glen Canyon.
Surreal wooden post reflections at Newtown Marshes on the Isle of Wight.
Cloud Atlas
If you are ever haunted by a tree - I imagine that the tree would look rather like this.
A beautifully clear reflective lake just outside Riga in Latvia.
Autumn reflections along the Thames between Maidenhead and Cookham.
Subverted arched ceiling alcoves in the Budapest Parliament building.
Underneath It All
A double exposed view through the safety glass from the Top of The Rock in New York.
Double Skyline
Heaven and Earth looking like one and the same - a perfect reflection.
Heaven and Earth
The scenic mill pond water of Lake Bled on a warmer than usual April day.
Lake Bled
Late evening sunshine hitting the water of Lake Bled & misting the distance.

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