A rich, peacefully golden sunset on Laguna Beach in Southern California.
Pinhole Camera
Low tide and low evening sun, colouring the rocks and sand of Laguna Beach
Low tide and low evening sun, colouring the rocks and sand of Laguna Beach
The warm, sea mist shrouded coast of Big Sur, along the edge of California.
Sea Breeze
Wispy clouds and a hazy sun setting over Laguna Beach in California.
Crashing waves hitting a rocky beach and sneezing out some sea spray.
Tall plant spines silhouetted against the beautiful turquoise blue ocean.
The slope of sunset colours striped over a cold, softly rippling winter sea.
Sunset Slope
The silver, winding waters across Newtown Marshes on the Isle of Wight
The Boat Path
A beautiful sunset, turning the sea, the sand and the sky turn to gold.
The Central Line
Waves crashing against the rocky shore and causing mini waterfalls off the rocks.
The Drop Zone
The idyllic Newtown marshes in late summer, on the beautiful Isle of Wight.
The Island
Looking out to the sea from Heisler Park on top of the coast of Laguna Beach.
Three Horizons
Silvery light, shimmering off the coast of Big Sur in California, you can almost smell the warm sea.
Cling Film
A spectacular sunset on the beach in Laguna, California, with a crescent moon just visible.
A serene and peaceful view of the shoreline from the island of Crete.
Looking down from a colourful cliff and the coastline of Big Sur below.
For Higher
The dry, bleached clean pebbles of Freshwater Bay, on the Isle of Wight.
A surfer in Laguna Beach, California, looking out to sea, trying to spot the next wave to catch.
The early moon casting it's soft glow on the shimmering sea below.
Rather a large seagull taking a break from the rushing waves on the sea wall.
A boat, moored in Newtown on the Isle of Wight, and possibly belonging to Doctor Who!
The Doctor
Golden sunlight reflections on the shore and the the water of Lake Tahoe.
Fools Gold
A beautifully scenic Thailand Island, hot sandy beaches- perfect clear wate
Lawa Island
Canoeing to a tiny island in Lake Tahoe, where an old tea room once stood.
Picture Perfect

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