A view of the Atomium in Brussels on a bright, stormy afternoon.
A slice of Autumn, taken on a walk along the Thames in Maidenhead.
Autumnal Slice
A beautiful reflection on the Colorado River at the bottom of Glen Canyon.
Surreal wooden post reflections at Newtown Marshes on the Isle of Wight.
Cloud Atlas
A tree eerily lit up on the night walk across Kew Gardens as part of their Festival of Light.
A water reflection of Glen Canyon in the Colorado River, turning the water into rippling copper.
A double exposed view through the safety glass from the Top of The Rock in New York.
Double Skyline
An electrified looking jellyfish at the waterside aquarium in Crete.
Electric Jelly
A manipulated photo of one of the bridges on the Jubilee river, inbetween Maidenhead and Windsor
The glow of  a red light through the winter trees. Looking more like an ethereal vein covered heart.
Heaven and Earth looking like one and the same - a perfect reflection.
Heaven and Earth
A game of jacks in the palm of your hand, or the Atomium in Brussels? You decide.
Looking down the lift shaft, waiting for the vessel to take me back to Earth.
One of the staircased escape routes into, or out of the Atomium in Brussels.
A digitally manipulated colour photograph of the Thames, in Maidenhead
Liquid Light
A n ironic 'art' shot of one of my favourite contemporary lampshades.
A watery sandy beach at sunset, shimmering like pure liquid gold.
A hole filled leaf in the botanical greenhouse in Balboa Park, San Diego. Swiss cheese holes, plant veins and chlorophyll - not a cheese I would like to eat!
Not so Swiss Cheese
An abstract, and slightly surreal close up of one of my artistic lampshades!
An alien green glow highlighting one of the larger trees in Kew Gardens.
Pea Soup
The electric retro colours of the travelator tunnel leading the way from the Atomium.
Runway 90
A surreal depiction of a starry sky over the Jubilee River in Maidenhead
The slope of sunset colours striped over a cold, softly rippling winter sea.
Sunset Slope
An unusual light sculpture at the annual night garden in Kew Gardens
A speeding tram, heading into warp drive away from St Vitus Cathedral in Prague.
Time Travel

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