A slice of Autumn, taken on a walk along the Thames in Maidenhead.
Autumnal Slice
Colourful autumn reflections on the Thames in Maidenhead, in a world upside down.
A  dramatic swirling storm of foreboding colour brewing in Maidenhead
The bark of a Giant Redwood in the Sequoia National Park, California.
Broken Engagements
A tree lined avenue along the canal leading from Bruges to Damme in Belgium.
Colour Tree Avenue
A tree eerily lit up on the night walk across Kew Gardens as part of their Festival of Light.
A dew soaked tree in the Highlands of Scotland sparkling in the light.
A wintry tree silhouetted in the dark with tendrils like E.T.'s fingers....
A lonely, leafless tree in low, evening sunlight in the middle of winter.
An atmospheric shot of the night time trees, softened by the moon.
Brightly coloured autumn leaves covering the ground in Maidenhead.
Just for the Colour
A singular withered tree looking out onto the beautifully vast Grand Canyon.
Just Me
A rich, autumnal tree with the detail and the colours of a Klimt painting.
A tree lined avenue beside the canal leading from Bruges to Damme.
Mono Tree Avenue
A frost encrusted plant proudly standing before a large tree silhouette in the distance.
Black or White
If you are ever haunted by a tree - I imagine that the tree would look rather like this.
A sunshine's rainbow aura burning through a rain dappled forest in California.
Palm trees coming together to form a heart over Laguna Beach, California.
I Heart Laguna
What looks like a tiny, snow covered tree, black against the white ice.
In Miniature
If Jackson Pollock did landscapes, I expect they would look a little something like this. Splashes of colour, lines of twigs, shafts of light and a mass of confusion.
Natural Pollock
A rusty iron gate alongside the Thames between Maidenhead and Cookham leading to better things; Sunlight, abundant wildlife, an open pasture and freedom.
On the Other Side
An alien green glow highlighting one of the larger trees in Kew Gardens.
Pea Soup
A large pelican swooping over Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, California.
Pelican Crossing
A sharply needled tree silhouetted against a soft, billowy clouded sky.
Sharp Clouds
Sunlight piercing the gap between two trees at the Sequoia National Park

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