A bubbling torrent of a stream in Glen Afric in the Scottish Highlands.
Black and Water
A beautiful reflection on the Colorado River at the bottom of Glen Canyon.
Surreal wooden post reflections at Newtown Marshes on the Isle of Wight.
Cloud Atlas
The beautiful and rich colours of a Scottish landscape. A photograph of the Loch adjacent to Eilean Donan Castle.
Colour the World
An electrified looking jellyfish at the waterside aquarium in Crete.
Electric Jelly
Heaven and Earth looking like one and the same - a perfect reflection.
Heaven and Earth
A digitally manipulated colour photograph of the Thames, in Maidenhead
Liquid Light
A view of Loch Alsh by Eilean Donan Castle in the Scottish Highlands.
Loch Alsh
The lustre of a shiny Scottish Loch, shimmering on an Easter Weekend.
Long grasses bordering the edge of the Jubilee River in between Windsor and Maidenhead. Like the perfect elevation for the start of a wallpaper pattern.
Natures Wallpaper
A new tree pushing through the bark encrusted floor by the waters edge. Leaves and fish in the rippling pond water, a warm sun on the ground of the Botanical Gardens in Lille.
A rustic wooden bench looking out over the Jubilee River on a cold and frosty morning. Jack Frost has leached the colours from the landscape and left his icy fingerprints everywhere.
One Piece
A highly decorative lamp post on the balcony edge of Schloss Drachenfels in Konigswinter.
Autumn reflections along the Thames between Maidenhead and Cookham.
An alien green glow highlighting one of the larger trees in Kew Gardens.
Pea Soup
A beautifully clear reflective lake just outside Riga in Latvia.
Reeds silhouetted against a pink lake, reflecting the late evening setting sun.
Pink Lemonade
A beautifully clear reflective lake just outside the city of  Riga in Latvia
The distant skyline of San Francisco, shrouded in an unearthly mist.
San Fran
The colourful highland hills of Scotland, near Eilean Donan Castle in late March.
The richly textured rocks of Highland Scotland, near Eilean Donan Castle.
The soft, still silence of a peacefully serene Scottish Highland Loch.
A surreal depiction of a starry sky over the Jubilee River in Maidenhead
Gently rippling water along the Jubilee River just outside of Maidenhead
Perfect reflections of Glen Canyon in the waters of the Colorado River
Still Waters

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