Gently rippling water along the Jubilee River just outside of Maidenhead
Perfect reflections of Glen Canyon in the waters of the Colorado River
Still Waters
New Spring growth, as the first shoots start to appear with the morning sun.
New Spring growth, as the first shoots start to appear with the morning sun.
String Beads
Jack Frost has got his hands on these thin leaves and turned them into icicle trees.
String Theory
A strip of gnarled, twisted twigs and branches, backlit by the bright sun.
Moss coloured timber slats and beams of a bridge spanning the Jubilee River.
The slope of sunset colours striped over a cold, softly rippling winter sea.
Sunset Slope
The Teletorn tower in Talinn, Estonia, silhouetted against the clouds.
An unusual light sculpture at the annual night garden in Kew Gardens
Timber railings and edges of a bridge spanning the Jubilee River.
A small bird on a grassy look-out post watching for friends, foes, and dinner.
The Bird
Blue silhouettes of the endless rocky outcrops of the majestic Grand Canyon.
The Blues
The silver, winding waters across Newtown Marshes on the Isle of Wight
The Boat Path
A frost covered landscape and Bridge arch across the Jubilee River
The Bridge
A beautiful sunset, turning the sea, the sand and the sky turn to gold.
The Central Line
A boat, moored in Newtown on the Isle of Wight, and possibly belonging to Doctor Who!
The Doctor
Waves crashing against the rocky shore and causing mini waterfalls off the rocks.
The Drop Zone
Glossy stones, littered across the shore at Freshwater on the Isle of Wight.
The Egg
Looking up at the interior of the Gaudi masterpiece that is the Sagrada Familia.
The Eyes of God
The tunnel and steps up through one of the linking arms of the Atomium in Brussels.
The Final Frontier
The darkly gothic Charles Bridge in Prague in the early hours of the morning.
The Gothic
A large twisted tree in Scotland where the prisoners of the area were hung.
The Hanging Tree
The idyllic Newtown marshes in late summer, on the beautiful Isle of Wight.
The Island
One of the many expansive Lochs to be found in the Scottish Highlands.
The Loch

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