Perfect, white, pink blossoms glowing in the early morning sunshine.
Perfect, white, pink blossoms glowing in the early morning sunshine.
A view of Schloss Drachenburg, also known as Dragon Castle in Bonn, Germany.
Bon Bonn
A dried plant at the bottom of Glen Canyon, on the Colorado River, USA
A  dramatic swirling storm of foreboding colour brewing in Maidenhead
A beautiful reflection on the Colorado River at the bottom of Glen Canyon.
The bark of a Giant Redwood in the Sequoia National Park, California.
Broken Engagements
A traditional Latvian cabin in the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum on the outskirts of Riga.
Cabin in the Woods
What thin leaved plants look like when Jack Frost has really gone to town!
Cactus Frost
Eroded honeycomb sandstone on the beach in Laguna Bay, California.
One of the light show patterns at Kew Gardens during their festival of light.
If nature did chewing gum, it would probably look a little bit like this.
Chewing Gum
Silvery light, shimmering off the coast of Big Sur in California, you can almost smell the warm sea.
Cling Film
Cladding detail of a traditional Latvian wood cabin in the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum.
Close Boarded
Surreal wooden post reflections at Newtown Marshes on the Isle of Wight.
Cloud Atlas
A never ending beautifully cobbled street in a sidestreet in Lille, France.
Cobbled Together
The beautiful and rich colours of a Scottish landscape. A photograph of the Loch adjacent to Eilean Donan Castle.
Colour the World
A tree lined avenue along the canal leading from Bruges to Damme in Belgium.
Colour Tree Avenue
A  road bridge in Riga that looks remarkably like a pair of compasses.
A tree eerily lit up on the night walk across Kew Gardens as part of their Festival of Light.
A  contrail streaked summer sky in Maidenhead on a walk to the Jubilee River.
A water reflection of Glen Canyon in the Colorado River, turning the water into rippling copper.
A field of ears of corn, stretches for miles along the River by Bourne End.
Corn Rows
A set of rocky steps cut into the landscape in Cornwall, near Tintagel Castle.
Cornwall Steps
The start of spring, when the first blossoms of the year are reaching for the newly blue sky.
Cotton Buds

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