An old fashioned light on a beautifully weathered and textured old wall in Talinn.
Dynamic red leaves against a sunny sky in California
Shiny pebbles on the beach at Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight.
A very busy bee on a receptive pink flower in a sunny garden in Cornwall.
Flower Bee
Looking down from a colourful cliff and the coastline of Big Sur below.
For Higher
Walking through the Redwoods in Sequoia National Park on a cold sunny day.
Forest Gump
Mock ammonite fossil paving in the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall.
Fossil Paving
A self portrait, bizarrely taken in the mirrored surface of a sculptural snail in a park in Riga, Latvia.
The dry, bleached clean pebbles of Freshwater Bay, on the Isle of Wight.
A flower in full bloom in one of the external gardens at the Eden Project in Cornwall.
Garden of Eden
Light reflecting through a wine glass in Napa Valley, onto a white table.
Glass Rainbow
A surfer in Laguna Beach, California, looking out to sea, trying to spot the next wave to catch.
A watery sandy beach at sunset, shimmering like pure liquid gold.
Golden ears of corn ready to be harvested in a field in Taplow, near Maidenhead, Berkshire.
Golden Ears
An abstract, and slightly surreal close up of one of my artistic lampshades!
Pockmarked stones, eroded by the sea and filled with a sprinkling of sand.
Half Full
Teasels glistening with light halos in the sunshine in Maidenhead.
My favourite lampshade again! This time with the lights turned off.
If nature designed a Hawaiian shirt, it would probably look a little something like this!
Hawaiian Shirt
The glow of  a red light through the winter trees. Looking more like an ethereal vein covered heart.
Heaven and Earth looking like one and the same - a perfect reflection.
Heaven and Earth
A large Iguana prowling around the outskirts of Chichen Itza in Mexico.
Hidden Dragon
Architectural details on the outside of one of the more majestic buildings in Bruges, Belgium.
Hide from the King
Urban tightropes endlessly criss-crossing above a street in Lille.
Pockmarked stones, eroded by the sea and filled with a sprinkling of sand.

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